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Discover the Confidence of a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

With the help of Dr. Leo W Uicker, DDS you can be on your way to having a healthy smile.
Leo W Uicker, DDS
Leo W Uicker, DDS
Leo W Uicker, DDS
Leo W Uicker, DDSWith over 25 years of experience in the Charlotte, North Carolina area Dr. Leo W Uicker, DDS has been helping individuals experience these benefits.
Leo W Uicker, DDS Dr. Uicker has a true passion for his patients that is demonstrated in the services he performs such as teeth whitening, cerec ceramic restorations, implant restoration, partial and full plate dentures and cosmetic bonding

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One visit cerec ceramic (tooth colored) restorations of crowns & onlays.


Leo W Uicker, DDSRenewed Self-Confidence. People that have proper dental procedures performed such as teeth whitening and restorative dentistry services; have a higher level of self-confidence. This is due to the ability to smile more often and feel proud about the quality of their smile. Even simple services like teeth whitening can change the way you feel at social gatherings, your job and socializing with friends, providing healthier and happier lifestyles.

Leo W Uicker, DDSBetter Nutrition . When you are free of painful dental problems and do not have difficulty chewing due to broken or improperly fitting dentures your nutritional health will be better. Healthier selections of foods such as fruits and vegetables are among the list of foods that people in Charlotte and surrounding locations of North Carolina find themselves craving once Dr. Leo W Uicker, DDS, completes their dental treatments.

Leo W Uicker, DDS Elimination of Oral Pain. More than 30% of the people in Charlotte and surrounding areas of North Carolina suffer from some type of reoccurring dental pain that has not been treated by a dentist. While many people feel that this is due to the lack of dental insurance, research has proven that this is caused more out of the fear of pain that these patients will endure at the dentist office.

Leo W Uicker, DDS Dr. Leo W Uicker, DDS practices new techniques that provide for gentle dentistry practices. As a dentist that has a true passion for the work that he performs, Dr. Uicker takes the time to ensure that his patients are calm and comfortable throughout their entire dental visit.

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Leo W Uicker, DDS After serving four years in the United States Navy, Dr Uicker graduated from NC Dental School in Chapel HIll, NC. Dr Uicker aggressively strives to maintain current techniques & technology to assist his dental family of patients in achieving a confident, beautiful and healthy smile.

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